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About Us

The history behind Assure Coaching

Assure Coaching started their journey in 2022 when Co-Owners Jamie Barratt and Carl Stevens joined forces to create a new up and coming coaching business. The original philosophy behind Assure Coaching was to be unique from any other coaching company and offer more than just football. By having a look through the website you will see how Assure Coaching are achieving just this. 

Since creating the brand, the company has grown at a rapid rate. We have gone from offering just football coaching services to now running successful football camps and birthday parties. We're also now in schools offering multi-sport sessions. The evolution of Assure Coaching hasn't stopped there though as we now also offer dance sessions both inside and outside of schools.

All of our Assure Coaching staff are dedicated to making sure we improve your overall performance, not just during your activity but away from it as well. We do this by ensuring you have the right mindset to be able to perform to the very best of your abilities whilst guiding you along the way. 

At Assure Coaching we work with clients of all ages and abilities and each individual session we host is bespoke and tailor made in order to challenge you in the correct manner and improve your overall performance.

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