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Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk

Coaching Sessions

Assure Coaching are so much more than just another football coaching provider. Not only do we have a huge amount of experience within the football world but all of our coaches have both played and coached at high standards, which, in turn, means that we understand the true value of first class coaching.


We offer our coaching sessions to both male and females and our aim is very clear, to provide quality coaching, harness the power of football and physical activity to develop, encourage and inspire football players of all ages and abilities.

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We offer a full range of sessions which are tailor made and bespoke to what you or your children need to allow you to be the best possible player in the position you play. 


Assure Coaching really has something for everyone from 1-2-1 sessions, group sessions, holiday camps and birthday parties.

We are currently running football coaching sessions in West Sussex, Hampshire & Surrey

Areas covered Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex 

Assure Coaching offers a variety of sessions for both groups and individuals. We work with both males and females of all abilities and cover all of their sport needs. If you’re looking to improve yours or someone you knows game and take it to the next level, you will find all the support and resources you need right here. Additionally, Assure Coaching personally consult with every single player to understand each one’s unique goals and within 72hrs of a session being completed you will be provided with a feedback form from your coach which will detail what went well & what needs to be improved on to help you become the best player you can be. 

Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk

121 Sessions

Our 121 session is one full hour with just yourself and one of our coaches, this platform provides an excellent opportunity for rapid progression and development.

Each session focuses on 4 elements: Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Mental.

If you are coming to us with a clear plan in mind then the session we host can be tailor made to your individual requirements which, we can guarantee, will accelerate the individuals progress!

Within our 121 sessions our team of professional coaches will hold the player accountable for every action they take, our coaches will be the first to provide praise when the player succeeds but will also make the player aware of their mistakes. This is entirely for their benefit to enable them to learn & progress within their position.

Over the years of delivering 121 sessions we have found that often the player will see most benefit if they are able to develop enough self-awareness to essentially become their own coach from the moment they step onto the field, in either training or matches. For a player to become self-aware they need to understand when they have succeeded but also when they haven’t, once they have mastered this then they can problem solve and figure out why they didn’t succeed even when our coaches are not there.

Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk

Group Sessions

Our Group sessions are a service for players and their team mates. The whole basis of these sessions is to improve with a teammate / friends and gain a greater understanding of the role you all play together when on the pitch. 

These sessions can include up to 6 players and will focus on the 4 key elements: Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Mental.

The Group session enables the coaches to work on more game-like scenarios, with the ability to work on things like passing, shooting & 1v1’s whilst also offering an insight to positional awareness with and without the ball. 

These sessions are delivered with the exact same intensity as our 121 Training sessions, but with the added benefit of being able to delve into the tactical side of the game (this can work really well if training with teammates).

Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk

GK Sessions

Being a goalkeeper is one of the hardest positions on the pitch, so at Assure Coaching we feel it deserves that extra attention.

Many goalkeepers can get overlooked in a group environment, and find themselves just saving shots at the end of training, without being given any technical detail.

This is where Assure Coaching come in!

Our goalkeeper sessions are designed differently for each age group. By doing this we give any goalkeeper the opportunity to spend a full hour with our goalkeeper specific coach, allowing the coach to work on the different goalkeeping techniques such as: Handling, Positioning, Distribution, Footwork etc.

We have found that every goalkeeper we have had the pleasure of working with has gone on to became more confident, not just on the pitch but right through from training ground to the changing room before & after games. 

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Club Sessions

There are many varied supporting roles to a football manager or head coach which help his or her squad to grow and reach their maximum ability. 


At Assure Coaching we offer the opportunity to come and help run a training session for your football club. During this session we will assist the current management by setting up sessions tailored to help enhance your teams identity and the way you want them to play. Assure Coaching do all of this whilst working alongside the current backroom staff and passing on our knowledge to help them run greater sessions forever more.

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