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Assure Coachings T&C's


1). Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Please ensure the correct payment is made when booking a place. You can book in three ways: Email (, Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM. All places on our courses need to be booked before the courses starts so we have the correct staff to client ratio. Once a booking has been confirmed, payment needs to be made in full no later than 48hrs beforehand. Bookings can be made on the day subject to availability of places. Please be aware we cannot guarantee a place to you choose this method. It is advised to book beforehand. 



2). You can pay via bank transfer (leaving you/your child’s name as a reference) by debit or credit card via to the account details provided. Cash payments are accepted but have to be agreed by both Assure Coaching Limited and the client beforehand. 



3). Assure Coaching Limited reserve the right to cancel a course, whether it’s for bad weather or any other circumstances beyond the companies control. In the event of a cancellation you will be provided a place on the same/similar course at a later date.



4). If a session cancelled less than 24hrs before it was due to happen, Assure Coaching Limited reserve the right to keep 75% of the booking fee and refund the remainder back to the client. If a client has been absent over a period of time due to unforeseen circumstances from one of our courses you may be entitled to a refund once agreed with Assure Coaching Limited. If a client does not turn up to their session without any prior warning then a refund will not be issued to the client.



5). Any payment that is returned by the bank is subject to charges. Any charges we as a company incur from a returned payment must be paid in full by the customer along with the original payment for the booking. 



6). You are welcome to arrive up to 10 minutes before the start time. Please arrive on time so that we can start promptly. With regards to children, when taking your child home please arrive 10 minutes before the end. A child will not be allowed to leave the premises unless a parent/guardian is there to take them home. If your child is allowed to walk home or is being picked up by someone else, confirmation must be given to us before the start of the day. 



7). When on our courses, clients attending are expected to behave at all times in an acceptable manner towards other clients and staff. Assure Coaching Limited reserve the right to expel a client if they fail to meet the behavioural standards expected of them. Should a client be excluded no refund or credit note will be given. With regards to children, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to take the child home. A client can be excluded for the following, racial, sexual, verbal or physical bullying towards other clients or staff, continually disobeying instructions and finally swearing.



8). Before any session one of our Par Q’s must be completed. With regards to children, if your child is having a session then the parent/guardian must state on the Par Q form any medical conditions or allergies the child has, or any medical background the staff need to be aware of when your child is attending a course. Epipen’s – We know some children carry Epipens with them. For the staff who aren’t qualified to use these, if we receive written permission stating a member of staff is allowed to administer the Epipen and you know the staff aren’t qualified and you take full responsibility.



9). Assure Coaching Limited does not accept liability for lost, stolen or broken items. It is advised you do not bring anything valuable with you. With regards to children, we advise all clothing is clearly labelled so we can return lost items should they be left behind. Any item left behind will be held for a period of 3 weeks once the session is completed before being disposed of or put into local charity shops.



10). Assure Coaching Limited does not accept any liability for injury, illness or death that occurs on our courses unless caused by negligence by the company and its staff. Assure Coaching Limited does not accept any liability for any damage to you/your childrens’ property.



11). Assure Coaching Limited strive to deliver first class sessions. We have high expectations and try to ensure our staff meet those expectations, so that all of our clients benefit. Should you feel you are not entirely satisfied with the service we have provided then please contact us. Any complaint received will be dealt with seriously. The sooner we are made aware of a situation the sooner we can try to resolve it. If you need to make a complaint please first go to the sessions head coach. If you are not happy with the response then please take the complaint further by putting it in an email and sending it to 

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