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Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk



Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk

Welcome To Assure Dancing

Our courses are designed to assist and encourage the development of all attendees. Each course is run by a fully qualified instructor and we ensure that everyone who attends, finishes the day feeling confident and inspired.


Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk


At Assure Coaching our teaching methods are informal and casual, we want all our clients to feel comfortable and confident in our lessons so that you can ask everything you want to know and learn through practical exercises.

As the work we do is expansive, we want you to feel as though we can cover all the bases and develop your understanding in the arts!

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Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk

Commercial Dance

Before your first lesson with Assure Coaching we will discuss your dance experience up to date and create a structure for you (and your friends).

All our sessions are tailored to you based on your ability, aims/goals.

Standard Lesson Plan (with flexibility)
-Warm up, body scan exercise
-Dance style knowledge, foundations/grooves and isolation techniques (breaking down body parts in moves)
-Timings break down (half, single, double) rhythms, musicality, textures/dynamics
-Creating combinations of moves/steps
-Learning choreographed routines based on the style of dance & level
-Freestyle, improvisation, exploring movement vocab freely
-End of session cool down, reflection & evaluation

Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk


Get ready to learn an energetic dance choreography filled with pom-pom shaking and formations during the cheerleading dance sessions at Assure Coaching

To make your sessions extra special, we ensure that each session comes with your very own dance instructor. You’ll start off with a quick warm-up before getting stuck into the main choreography. With upbeat cheer music playing in the background, you will learn all the cheerleading moves within the routine, ready to put on a final stage-worthy performance!

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Head Of Dance

Assure Coaching - Hamsphire Uk
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